168.192.l.l - is basically an IP address of broadband routers that are used in homes. This is the default IP address of the routers and associated with various models of D-Link and Netgear. This default IP address provides a default gateway and you can change it from the router management console using a web browser. The IP address can be different for different models. You can use this Ipv4 network address if your local network or router is facing some problems. The addresses to solve such problems are similar if not For example, in some routers the address is
How To Login 192.168.l.l IP Address?
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In order to access your router, you are first required to confirm your IP address. You can do so by opening the command prompt and providing it with ipconfig/all command. In case you cannot access your router setting page then most probably your network port is not specified. You can use ping command to detect whether your network is connected or not. Because it can be reason as well that you are not been able to access the router. Following can be the reasons that your computer is not connecting to router:

- You are not providing your browser with the right address.
- Your router is shutdown.
- Firewall or packet filtering is setup in the router.

If you are not facing such problems, then after providing your browser with the address, it will take you to the login page. You have to provide specific username and password in order to get access the settings page. For a newbie, the username and password is provided at the back of the router or in the manual which can be changed as well. After logging in you are directed to the setup wizard where you can set your network according to your preferences. You can also adjust wireless settings here as well.

Default Router Password List

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